IMIS My Way was discussed at Sabancı University.


We carried out the works discussed for the 2015 concept My Way of the IMIS event, which is organized by the Sabancı University IES club every year. After having an effective meeting with Selin D. and Yaşar H. from the IES management in 2015, we prepared a roadmap on how to make the IMIS event valuable. We included the results we needed to get in the list of estimates, together with the IES team, we realized the study performance that would take it out of the estimate. In the My Way theme, we have successfully completed the design work on the perception of the incoming participants to get ideas that they can choose their own path and to find their own way in guiding dialogues.

More than one senior executive and participants who wanted to choose their own path were in the same atmosphere at the IMIS My Way event, where we were also the Premium Partner of the event. We developed a slogan suitable for the concept of the event and put forward a reason to reflect the atmosphere of the event. And we call this situation “to get inspired.” We defined the slogan.

Sabancı University IES club stated that they achieved positive results based on the consultancy of the event and the performance of our work, and that we gave the IMIS event a strong image. While expressing our satisfaction for having signed such a work together, we stated that we are trying to reflect the theme and concept at the best level.

Get to know the speakers.

12 senior executive speakers were at the IMIS My Way event. Hakan Alp, Deputy General Manager of Human Resources of QNB Finansbank, Claude Rumpler, CEO of L’Oreal Turkey and many more valuable names were found. The names who participated as speakers shared their experiences with the attendees and talked about how they started their journey.

Find out what happened at the event.

In the IMIS My Way event, there were surprise prizes and raffles as well as workshops to increase the experience. At IMIS My Way, with participation from 25 different cities, there were many experiences from 5-star accommodation to entertainment. At the end of the event, participants who fully participated in the event were given certificates of participation with Sabancı University and BrandEnn logos.

Find out what we do.

In order to let our experiences speak, we designed the creative works of the event and provided consultancy. The works designed with the meticulous thoughts of our Senior Art Director were reflected in the Sabancı Performance Center in an inspiring way. With the stage film broadcast on the first morning of the event, we included the participants in the illusion and prepared them for the event atmosphere in the best way possible. We designed the web page in order to make pre-event broadcasts and increase event participation, and we reached those who wanted to participate with an online participation form. We have reflected the image of the IMIS event in accordance with its concept on the website of SUIES. At the end of the day, we published our image film on the stage, expressing what we gained in the event.

We received the Brand Image Design plaque.

As we approached the end of the IMIS My Way event, we were invited to the stage and received the right to speak from Sabancı University due to the impressive work we did. After the surprise speech invitation, we received a plaque on Brand Image Design on the stage. In short, we talked about our experiences.

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