We have
your image.

We used mythology to create our name. It merged for us to perform our commitments. Enn or Ennead. In Egyptian mythology, we were inspired by Ennead, the group in which kings gathered together for existence.

We saw this story in a way that reflects our promises. We create your brand image. BrandEnn was now with us as a result of the story that reflects our compatibility and promises to the word BE.
Ennead‘s first three letters strengthened the meaning of existence on Brand. So BrandEnn‘s name was a new signature. Brandenn.

We designed our logo to reflect Brand and Enn. We took advantage of the Giza pyramids. Taking our color from the blue of the night, we believed we would show the stars. With this in mind, we see every brand image we create as a star.

Because every customer who works with us is a powerful star that shines in the blue of the night.

We make it impressive
with creative touches.

We design your brand image to show your value and make you famous with your unique side. We use our experience with our unlimited imagination and show you rememberable. We create soul, character and mystery with our subconscious marking techniques to increase your customer experience and show your leadership in your market.

We create your culture with the concepts we design and reflect your vision. We design the different, show your difference and create your awareness. In this way, we build your awareness and help you connect with your target audience by strengthening your communication space.

Following the future instead of the agenda, we are clearly forming your message and talking about the leadership of your brand in the market.

“We design your unique, rememberable and spoken brand image in the mind of your target audience with our Human Perception Art practices.”

We design with
common emotions.

We work minimally. We present results that reflect your creative difference and reflect your awareness. We narrate your image and tell your audience about your adventure. Thus, we include your target audience on a journey of your own. With our experienced members, we examine your business in deep detail and prepare our creative action according to the results.

We take an active role with our Inspiration Explorers and we define your target audience more healthily. We create various illusions to make you permanent in the subconscious of your target audience and design your image that affects your customer potential. Briefly; start your brand journey.

Our award-winning members.

Erdogan Eroglu.
Creative Thinker

Starts the brand journey. Brandenn is the president.
BrandEnn makes the image of its customers talk.

E-mail: eroglu[at]brandenn.com


Emre Kıvrak.
Sr. Art Director

He is a master of brand creation.
BrandEnn designs better work for its customers.

E-mail: emre[at]brandenn.com


Image Creation Award

Sabancı University’s biggest event was IMIS. We were rewarded with a plaque by Sabancı University in 2015 and 2017 in the field of Image Creation at the Sabancı Performance Center.