What are the Benefits of Corporate Identity Works to the Business?

corporate identity

Corporate Identity Works has become an important need in today’s conditions. While businesses gain uniqueness with their corporate identities, they take a big step towards becoming a brand. What are the benefits of Corporate Identity works to the business? What kind of traces does it leave on its target audiences? We want to answer these questions in their simplest form. First of all, Corporate Identity is the backbone of a business. It is the outward face of the business and the way it expresses itself to the end user.

Some people do not realize that they are losing a lot when they say that only our logo design is enough. Because not only the logo will tell the business, but the target audience cannot be fully communicated unless it is in the materials supporting the logo. The important thing is to establish the right communication with the target audience. Thus, the product or service planned to be marketed will become more acceptable with the right reflection.

So, what are the benefits of Corporate Identity works to the business? First of all, it is the basic step of being a brand. If you want to start the brand journey of your business, you need to design your corporate identity works, which is the main part of the brand design, with the aspects that describe your business. It should have a design line that reflects the vision, mission and character of your business, and it should have a design power to support your brand story. When all these are planned correctly, you can easily create the impression you want to give in the perception of your target audience and cause them to be convinced at the point of purchase.

A corporate identity works is not just a logo, business card and letterhead design. Most agencies go this way and limit the detail of work with such a service. While we design corporate identity, we first focus on creating a value that reflects the mission and vision of the business. While doing this, we are writing a brand story in line with these values of the business and we are putting out the slogan at this point. After these two important stages have taken place, we determine the brand character and create the position and promises of the brand. At the end of the process, we carry out a strong design work to support these background materials and design a corporate identity in accordance with these values of the business. We determine a line for the business and thus make the greatest contribution in the branding process.


What’s in Corporate Identity Works?

Of course, this is one of the important questions. A comprehensive corporate identity work brings awareness and difference to the business. This shows how strong the business is standing. In our corporate identity design work, we first analyze the vision, mission and market place of the business. After the analysis, we write the brand story and create the slogan. In the second step, we create the brand character, position and promise. After all these values ​​are created, we determine the color of the business with a strong logo design that will reflect these values ​​and a decorative understanding of the business line. From the design of the business card, we design the letterhead group and the unique materials of the business in accordance with the line of the business. At the end of the day, we issue the Corporate Identity Guide and meticulously complete the corporate identity materials of the enterprise and deliver them ready for printing in separate folders. We complete this process from start to finish in approximately 14 – 20 days.

What is the connection between Corporate Identity Works and Brand Design?

Corporate Identity Works is a fundamental part of brand design. If a business does not have a corporate identity that describes the business, it will not be a brand or branding. Without the basic structure, the branding process cannot be evaluated. Brand design is a general structure that includes corporate identity. Billboard designs, image films and many creative campaigns are also included in this structure. However, it is difficult to achieve brand awareness without the line that reflects the character and image of the business. Basically, this study also affects brand awareness.

For example;

We had the opportunity to work with Alkarkand Restaurant, a fish restaurant in Saudi Arabia. When we looked at the previous business image of Alkarkand Restaurant, we saw that it was very weak and more independent than it wanted to reflect on its customers. Upon these evaluations, we had to start the corporate identity design process for Alkarkand Restaurant. After the agreement, we started to work on this issue at Alkarkand Restaurant. Conclusion; as shown below.

alkarkand restaurant corporate identity

Click here to examine our work for Alkarkand Restaurant in detail.

Another example belongs to Rem Olive, which is located in Gemlik and is famous for its olives. When they reached us, they stated that they only wanted to build a web page. However, when we examined and analyzed the business in general, we saw that they needed much more than a web page. When the brief about the business came to us, we saw that its logo did not reflect business values ​​in any way. We also evaluated that it has unsafe colors and makes it difficult to buy when we look at the packaging designs. After reporting all of these to them, the company gave us the right and demanded a complete study. We renewed Rem Zeytin from start to finish and carried out an image study that reflects the business values. We have completed many processes from corporate identity design to web page and packaging designs. This innovation of Rem Zeytin has also reached the ears of many rival companies. It has been widely discussed in its field. This impression showed that the business is open to innovation, cares about its customers and is determined to create value for its customers.

rem olive corporate identity
rem olive packaging design
rem olive packaging design

Click here to examine our work for Rem Olive in detail.

What are the benefits of all these processes to the business?

When the corporate identity works of your business is completed with the right planning and careful work, the vision and mission of your business is more clearly reflected. In addition, you can more easily convey the values ​​of your business, its understanding of work and marketing strategies. It is the main reason for gaining brand awareness. It doesn’t take much effort to persuade people to buy. Because with your reassuring image and materials of your corporate identity, you will be accepted faster in people’s minds. Human perception is basically convinced by the data obtained as a result of the first visual experience. It creates the perception of acceptance, reassurance and prestige in the human mind, it will provide you with positive results with a positive effect. Thus, you will have a more reliable and acceptable image in people’s perception. This means that it will reflect on all your strategies as well as take your company’s position in the market to a higher level. Therefore, corporate identity design is one of the main reasons for business. It is a necessary work in order to protect and increase the interests of the enterprise. So what are the prices for this kind of work? Click here now and check out the inspiring details.

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