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The wishes of the new generation are the vision of MC Jamper®. A brand that has always exhibited quality-oriented work performance since 2000. It is part of the mission of MC Jamper® to design shoes in different series, to produce products that meet the needs of all times and under all conditions, and to meet the needs with its products in the best way possible. MC Jamper®; It is a well-known brand with its own style since the past. He takes care to preserve his designs and style under all circumstances.

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The goal of the two characters is to step into freedom. Light is a powerful reason to step into freedom. They are on a quest to reach the top to catch the light. The light is the summit itself. It is light that causes this vision. The goal of the two characters is to step into freedom and reach the top by stepping into freedom.

Resistant to harsh conditions.

MC Jamper boots stand out with their durability in harsh conditions. It makes a name for itself with its durable structure even under the worst conditions. MC Jamper boots are the most outstanding product of the winter months.

The choice of winter months.

With the opening of the winter season, MC Jamper has become a shoe brand that has managed to attract the attention of all retail stores and end consumers. With this interest, it has become a brand that has increased its sales performance depending on its quality.


Canon 5D Mark IV
Olympus 12-40mm f2.8
Rokinon 35mm t1.5 Cine
Canon 20-35mm f2.8L
Hoya Variable Density Filter

Team Members.

Erdoğan Eroğlu
Samet Emre Kıvrak
Saad Nizam
Eylül Yılmaz
Yadigar Türkmen
Ercüment Cengiz

Local influence.

MC Jamper® introduces its products all over Turkey with a single language option. It brings the quality of its products together with the end user.

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Unique experience.

It offers the best experience on every device. MC Jamper® has a unique experience on all mobile device models. In this way, it gives its customers what they want.

Understandable view.

We made it easy to use and simple, while gaining the most understandable view. As a result, when visitors enter, they encounter a minimalist and creative look.

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About the Work.

MC Jamper® is a shoe brand with factories in Turkey. It has a working understanding that produces its own shoes and constantly monitors its quality. It is a brand that gives importance to the dynamics of the young generation and directs the works in line with these dynamics.

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Work Details.

Working Name: MC Jamper
Owner: Ali EROĞLU
Selected Service Model: VisionONE
Working Time: 25 days
Web page: MC Jamper

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