Plus Point Global

the future of now and the value of tomorrow

Plus Point Global® is a chain of B4B master-friendly stores with a unique concept and innovations leading the automotive industry. It brings a new excitement to the automotive sector and shares this excitement with the B4B strategy. With its advantageous world, Plus Point Global® always offers its customers a high level of service and brings them together with the best quality products. It offers the opportunity to procure all products in the automotive sector from a single supplier.

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It explains the privileged world of Plus Point Global®and the advantages it offers to its customers and suppliers with a visual experience. He emphasizes that he stands by both his suppliers and customers in all processes.

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It explains the differences that Plus Point Global® offers to its suppliers and customers with the B4B service model understanding and the awareness brought by these differences by offering a visual experience.

Plus Point Global

Comment by Selahattin Yilmaz.

Watch founder Selahattin Yilmaz comment on the performance of our work for Plus Point®.