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Plus Point Global® is a B4B master-friendly chain of stores with its innovations and unique concept leading the automotive industry. It brings a new excitement to the automotive industry and shares this excitement with its B4B strategy. Plus Point Global®, with its advantageous world, always offers high-level service to its customers and brings them together with the best quality products. It offers the opportunity to procure all products from a single supplier in the automotive industry.

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Benefits and Privileges

It explains the privileged world of Plus Point Global and the advantages it offers to its customers and suppliers with a visual experience. He emphasizes that both his suppliers and customers are with him in all processes.

Differences and Awareness

It explains the differences that Plus Point Global offers to its suppliers and customers with its B4B service model understanding, and the awareness brought by these differences, by offering a visual experience.


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Team Members.

Erdoğan Eroğlu
Samet Emre Kıvrak
Burak Tozkoparan
Aylin Mutlu
Yadigar Türkmen

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About the Work.

Plus Point Global® is a global chain of B4B stores serving the automotive industry in Turkey and certain regions of Europe. It is a company that offers an innovative service approach to its suppliers and customers.

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Work Details.

Working Name: Plus Point
Owner: Selahattin Yılmaz
Selected Service Model: VisionONE
Working Time: 66 days
Web Sitesi: Plus Point Global

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