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SiriusONE (Social Media Management)

399.00$ / month
Make your social networks different with SiriusONE.

If you do not have social network accounts, we create them, if there are, we revise them in the best way possible. We publish your posts when interaction rates are high. By designing creative visuals suitable for your brand character, we interact with people and strengthen your relationships. We share all the results with a special report for you.

We make your social networks unique.

  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • 4 Motion Content Design
  • 12 Visual Content Design
  • 1 piece of 10 second Video
  • Special Days Visual Designs
  • Reply to Incoming Messages and Comments
  • Audience Determination & Positioning
  • Monthly Report File
  • Instant Management Support with WhatsApp Agent
  • Total 17 Contents

Note: The price is stated on a monthly basis. It includes recurring payments.

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