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Website Management Panel Guide

87.21$ 36.25$

Easily manage your web page.

Now manage your site and organize your content without the need for anyone. Learn the basics and operation of your management panel with this guide. This guide is specially designed for our customers. It is only sold to our customers. The prepared guide is supported with visual descriptions and has a step-by-step description.

Table of Contents

  • What is the Management Panel?
  • About Management Panel Usage
  • Introduction to Management Panel
  • Management Panel Considerations
  • Menus Recognition and Management
  • Post Page / Add / Edit Text
  • Blog Categories Layout & Tags
  • Recognizing the Media Library
  • Media Library Organizing Pictures
  • Pages Management
  • Adding and Editing Pages
  • Blog Section Management
  • Adding and Editing Blog Content
  • Visual Composer Management
  • Comments Management
  • Portfolio management
  • Adding and Editing a Portfolio (Product)
  • About Contact Form
  • About View
  • View / Menu Management
  • About Plugins
  • User Section Management
  • User Addition and Authorization
  • About Tools
  • About Settings
  • About Statistics
  • AuraPanel Infrastructure
  • Management Panel Frequently Asked Questions
  • Support Steps

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