The best IMIS event of the last 10 years. IMIS Passion.


You might think that it was our discourse when we started this title. However, it is not. This statement belongs to the administrators of the IMIS event. We worked with clear thoughts from start to finish for the IMIS Passion event. After the performance and image of the IMIS event in 2015 were highly appreciated, we rolled up our sleeves with Sabancı University, which wants to work with us again, this time to work more decisively. Starting with the motto of showing the better, we really wanted to design an event atmosphere for Passion, which is the theme of 2017, that the participants will look at and experience with passion. Passion This time, among the speakers who came, there were valuable names not only from the business world but also from the art world. Because it was passion. And when people approached passionately, their experiences took them further. We wanted to reflect this in the atmosphere of Passion.

In the IMIS event, for which we were also the consultant and Premium Partner, this time we reflected the slogan inspired by its name. “to live the future.” Those who wanted to experience the future could only experience it when they were passionately attached. We believed that this was the most correct slogan to reflect this reality. In the atmosphere this time, illusion was passion.

We reflected the IMIS Passion event with colors that would make you feel more special. We wanted to involve the participants in an atmosphere that would make them feel special, with a cooler-looking image. We developed colors, lines and perception in this direction.

Here are the speakers.

In the IMIS Passion event, high-level executives were speakers, as well as valuable names from the art community as speakers. İlker Kaleli and Berrak Tüzünataç shared their passions at the IMIS Passion event and told the participants what they do passionately and what they believe in. While expressing what passion can change and what it can do for the better, people mentioned that connecting with their hearts plays an important role.

What happened at the event.

Apart from the areas where the incoming participants will experience augmented reality, there was an event experience where there were lots of raffles where they could win surprise prizes. In addition, colorful images were experienced in the atmosphere of the event with information-based draws on the stage. We witnessed the best entertainment experience with DJ Cagin Kulaçoğlu at the night with 5-star accommodation. Participants witnessed a great entertainment experience as well as a great event performance.

What we did.

We evaluated our experiences in the most meticulous and determined way to show a better experience on top of the experiences we had at the IMIS My Way event. We strengthened the theme of the IMIS Passion event by completing our step-by-step work on the roadmap and action list prepared by our Senior Art Director in a timely manner. By broadcasting our traditional stage film on the first morning and the next morning of the event, we reflected the participants in their minds to include them in the event atmosphere, and thus, with the illusion that came to life in their minds, we enabled the participants to witness the best performance and have a memorable event experience. At the end of the day, we ended the event with our image film that will make an impact again.

Superimposed Image Creation Award.

It was the best IMIS event of the last 10 years. We were delighted to hear this word from the IES team. Just after hearing this word, it was gratifying that we were invited to the stage and had the right to speak. At the end of the speech, we received a plaque from Mehmet A., one of the heads of the event, and received our 2nd award in the field of Brand Image Design.

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