VisionACT It is designed for those who want to make the atmosphere of the
organization permanent and leave permanent marks to people.

Designed for organizers and those who want to reflect their theme.

Your theme leaves traces in the minds. When you bring the theme of your event to the stage, people start talking about it. When you reflect your color and voice, you include people in your atmosphere.


If you transfer the image of your event according to the event concept, you will bring the right audience closer. Thus, you will be with people who will make your activity experience strong and create the right perception.

An experience
that is shaking in the minds.

An image, visual design and stage editing in line with your concept make your aim successful. We are doing a unique job with the tools that will make your goal successful.

We design your story and slogan.
We create your character and tone.

When you show your unique scene, you exist in the mind.

Be remembered with works that will influence your color.
Leave your mark and embark on a journey to a different dimension. Shake the minds.

Here you will have these.

Your image must describe your activity subject.
When you have the image of your activity, you are spoken to among people.

  • Activity Slogan
  • Event Story
  • Event Color and Tone
  • 6 or 9 Poster Designs
  • Door Hook
  • 2 Badge Designs
  • 4 Web Banners
  • Social Network Covers
  • 4 pcs Roll up Design
  • Certificate Design
  • 12 or 16 Speaker Banners
  • 12 or 16 Speaker Poster Designs
  • Bag Design

Web Services

When you project your story in accordance with your image, interest in your event increases. People want to experience an activity in which they are interested and feel good.

The event
suits your purpose.

Get in touch with more people through your user-friendly and fast-action page that reflects your event goal.

Secure dialogue with Premium Email.

Open up to 50 email accounts for your business and easily manage them through your own WebMail panel. Add your contacts, schedule your email, and even use the help of an online translator.

Make your event secure.

Your guests who want to participate in the event want to know that their personal data is processed on a secure web page. If there are options such as payment, you will double the turnout once you are trusted. Therefore, 256bit SSL certificate is important.

Post your surprises on your page.

We compile the developments related to your event in a way that creates excitement and publish them in a way that makes them curious. We also ensure that your guests who want to participate are convinced.

Reflecting your atmosphere,
your website strengthens your reputation.

With the colors that show the image of your event, you reflect your atmosphere.
Let people start writing their own stories. Describe your activity according to your line.

Here you will have these.

Your webpage should be able to post your event topic.
A web page that tells your story and your experiences makes your concept unique.

  • Event Web Page
  • English or Other Language
  • Venus Server Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • 256bit SSL Certificate
  • Premium Email 50 pieces
  • Statistics Module
  • E-Bulletin Module
  • Security Module
  • Google SEO Module
  • Google MyBusiness Signup
  • Dashboard Guide (Video)
  • Management panel
  • Visual Image
  • 365 Days Support

Marketing World

When you increase the awareness of your event, you invest in your next event. Now interact after communication.

Show your social networks unique with SiriusACT.

If you don’t have social network accounts, we create them and revise them in the best way. We post your shares when the interaction rates are high. By designing creative visuals that fit your brand character, we interact with people and strengthen your relationships. We share all results with you.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Management
24 pieces Content Creation and Publishing
24 pieces Visual Designs
2 pieces 15 sec. Video
Special occasions and so on. Campaign Management
Audience Determination and Positioning
Replying to Incoming Messages and Comments
Monthly Reporting

Creative Production

Make emotional connections with people and show them what you want to say. Make your image speak. Get involved in people’s minds with visual experience.






























Shake the minds.

We offer an atmosphere that people will admire. Showing your mysterious side, we arouse curiosity and unleash your atmosphere of activity. In this way, we always make you remembered in the minds.

Hollywood-quality Colors.
Stunning Story.
Professional Voiceover.
Impressive Editing and Assembly.
1 minute Scene Movie.
Shooting or Motion Scene Design.
4 pieces Licensed Music.
2 pieces 30 or 60 second Image Films.

Check the delivery time.


25 or 60 working days


25 working days


30 working days*


15 or 45 working days*

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