Who was it designed for?

For organizers and those who want to reflect their theme.

Image Design

When you bring your event theme to the scene, people start talking to you.

We design your story and slogan.

We choose your color and tone.

Your theme
leaves traces in minds.

When the theme of your event is clearly reflected, your atmosphere will be impressive.

The stage is the
heart of your event.

When you reflect your color and voice well, you open the door to another dimension.

Works revived
in the people mind.

Be remembered with your color and your works. Leave a trace and take a journey to a different size. Shake the minds.

Event Slogan
Event Story
Colours and Sound Tones
6 or 9 pieces
Doors Hangers
2 pieces Badge

4 pieces Web Banner
Social Network Covers
4 pieces Roll up
1 pieces Certificate
12 – 16 pieces Speaker Banner
12 – 16 pieces Speaker Poster

Web Solutions

When people reflect your story, they are interested in your event. They want to include themselves in that atmosphere when they are interested.

Mobile Compatible

Easy Manageable Panel

English Language

User friendly

Be reputable with Premium Email.

Open up to 50 e-mail accounts and manage your e-mails via your customized mail panel. Add your contacts and make your plans through the calendar. Moreover, you have many options.

Publish your surprises.

We’re compiling the events of your event in an exciting way and focusing on the perceptions of your followers’ curiosity. In this way, we increase the likelihood of people joining.

Make your image safe.

When people want to participate in the event, they want to see their information processed on a secure web page. You’ll also double your participation rate when you’re reliable in options such as payment. That’s why the 256bit SSL certificate will make your activity secure.

your atmosphere.

When you show your color, you reflect your atmosphere. Tell them about your event and let people start writing their own stories. So reflect the better.

Event Web Page
English Language
Venus Server Hosting
Domain Registration
256bit SSL Certificate
Premium E-mail 50 pieces
Statistic Module
E-Newsletter Module
Security Module
Google SEO Module
Google MyBusiness Register
Administration Panel Guide (Video)
Management Panel
Including Visual
365 Days Support

Content Orion*

5 pieces Blog Article
5 pieces Image
Reporting ve Optimization
1 month FREE

Note: Content Orion is a monthly tariff model included in this service.

Marketing World

When you increase the awareness of your event, you invest in your next event. Now communicate, then interact.

SiriusACT - Social Media

If you don’t have social media accounts, we’re revising them in the best way possible. We publish your content at times when your interaction rates will be strong and we are designing creative visuals for your brand language. We also communicate with people in your language and strengthen your relationships. We prepare your campaigns and create ad models to fold your interaction rates. We share all of this with a special report.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Management
24 pieces Content Creation and Publishing
24 pieces Visual Design
Special Day etc. Creating a Campaign
Answering Incoming Messages and Comments
3 Ad Campaigns in designated channels
Audience Identification & Positioning
Organic Follower with SocioGrowth (Instagram)
Weekly / Monthly Report File
1 month FREE

gadsACT - Adwords

We examine your competitors for your industry and evaluate your existing keywords. We create creative ad models for your brand with your approved keywords. We publish the words we have set for your target audience. We develop keywords that we see as impact, and we enable you to communicate with more people.

5 pieces Keyword
Keyword-Based Advertising Campaign
Publishing of Advertising Movies on Youtube
Audience Identification & Positioning
Campaigns Report File
15 days FREE

Creative Production

The most effective way to connect emotionally with people is your brand character and image that reflects what you want to say.

Hollywood-quality colors.

Mysterious and remarkable scenario.

Professional voice over.

Impressive fiction.

the minds.

We offer an atmosphere that people will admire. We make you different from your theme with a mysterious sensation and finally with the stage film that we reveal your atmosphere. In this way, we always allow you to shake in the minds.


6 pieces Scenario
Storyboard Drawings
Shooting or Motion Stage Design
Editing and Assembly
2 pieces Voiceover Service
6 pieces Licensed Music
3 pieces 30 or 60 second Image Advertising Film
2 pieces 1 or 2 minutes Stage Film
Login Videos by Number of Speakers
Optional Male or Female Model*
Optional Figurant or Auxiliary Artist*

Note: When referring to optional options, the proposal file may change.

Find out the delivery time.

Image Design

25 or 60 business days

Web Solutions

25 business days

Marketing World

30 business days*

Creative Production

15 or 45 business days*


Image Design

Web Solutions

Venus Server**

Domain Registration and SSL**








Monthly Prices.

SiriusACT – Social Media

gadsACT – Adwords

Content Orion

Premium E-mail

365 days Technical Support






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