What is Brand Image? What are the effects on people?

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In fact, most people consider this as a design process. But not like that. Brand image is not just about looking good. When buying brands, people look at what brand image and personality mean in themselves rather than functional benefits. Brand image is a powerful tool that shows the different aspects of an individual or business to be perceived in the human mind. Everyone and every business has an image in life. When you look at today’s brand value businesses have a unique concept and line. This concept and its line; communication language, colors and brand perception. In fact, brand image is a value about how consumers should perceive it and how this value is reflected in human perception is an important factor. Businesses; they usually showed their brand image with the campaign and advertising films they created. And so they created an image of their own, focusing on making the image they created acceptable to people’s perception.

If you have a story, people have something to do with you.

The importance of the image and perception provided by the consumer and the perception of the product and service has reached serious dimensions. This fact shows that a business must have a brand personality. This personality focuses on reflecting both the brand story of the business and the promises it takes on the personality. These situations are some of the main reasons for brand image. As a result of all these actions, human emotions, behaviors and perception image is reflected to the brand. Now, one of the most important elements of the brand image is the existence of a business story. Of course, this story should reflect the mission and vision of the business. Thus you will have a strong key in brand value. If a business has a story to show its brand value and tells the business in its entirety, it attracts the attention of the people it aims for and thus creates an emotional connection between the business and the people. While creating this emotional bond, it is of course the main factor that the brand image is designed to support the story. Now, the main reason for creating differences that enterprises can direct and manage perceptions rather than functional differences is that there are many enterprises doing the same job in their segment and marketing the same product / service.

A visual from the image work we have done for Alkarkand Restaurant.

What is Brand Story?

It is an adventure that revives the perception of the consumer that supports the mission and vision of an enterprise and is compatible with what the enterprise wants to offer to people. When this adventure is conveyed to people through story format, the image of the brand can have a permanent place in the perception of people. And so the story can be revived in people’s minds whenever the brand appears. This is a strong factor for the brand’s rememberability and value.

What is Brand Awareness?

It is called the consumer’s adoption and awareness of a brand or a product determined during the purchase process. In fact, the brand protects its existence in human perception with its logo and symbol. In short, it provides the effect it has on people through these definitions. The strategy to strengthen brand awareness exists through actions that enable the consumer to try the brand. Recognition gains strength thanks to brand awareness. A hint of the brand can distinguish it from other brands and cause people to distinguish it. Without the need for help, the brand is distinguished by the clue given and comes alive directly in the mind. This will increase the likelihood of buying the same brand when the experience of brand performance and the mass of those who are satisfied with this experience is formed.

Values that make up the brand image.

Brand Features: Brands come to mind with certain features. Apple is known for its simplicity, ease of use and uniquely superior design. One of the main reasons why people feel better when using an iPhone is Apple’s unique experience.

Brand Benefits: The characteristics and characteristics of a brand can provide functional and emotional benefits. Apple products are long lasting and any functional error rate is minimal. Users of Apple products emphasize their ease of use.

Brand Values: Brands also refer to the values of businesses and the experiences of the services they offer to people as a value. Apple’s customer relationship is a business experience and has turned into a brand value.

Brand Culture: Each brand reflects its own culture. It conveys this culture to people. When we look at Apple’s brand culture, Apple products establish an emotional connection with the consumer and this link reflects the consumer’s experiences. When the consumer witnesses good things on the product, it takes consumers to Apple’s creative world with minimal and simple actions.

Brand Personality: Most brands have a personality. Just like a person has personality. When we look at Apple’s brand personality, it has a cool, trend-setting and creative aspect.

Reveals its value when brands are adopted.

As a result, this situation creates brand dependency. As long as the brand image of the enterprise does not break the line and goes beyond the concept it creates, it persists on the people it convinces throughout their lives. Thus, thanks to the brand image formed, the enterprise carries a guarantee of lifetime sales and acceptance on its affiliated audience. Emotional awareness such as happiness, sadness, love, enthusiasm or eroticism are powerful factors used in perception management in brand image. Thanks to these factors, the character of a brand also emerges. Obviously, the benefit of this situation is that people will experience such feelings when buying the product or service for the brand briefly.

Presentation of our image work for Luculus.

What does the brand’s color and atmosphere mean?

Each brand has its own colors. These colors belong to the purpose of the business, the service or product it offers. Thus, the company is remembered with colors. In fact, it is a powerful tool for the business to remember and show its line. The brand atmosphere refers to the environment in which the business wants to involve people. It addresses the element of what kind of environment they want to meet and what kind of experience they want to give people. Adopting a spacious and minimal atmosphere and adopting it from products to office design is about the atmosphere of this brand. The atmosphere of the brand is formed by its colors and character. Actually, they’re all connected. You can comprehend the results more clearly by looking at the experience of IMIS Passion at Sabancı University.

Logo design is the heart of brand image.

In the period when everyone started to design logo, logos accepted as beautiful design never make a business’s future good. A logo design should be handled in a way that creates the brand story, character, promises, color and atmosphere of the company and emerges in line with these processes. The resulting logo must belong to the mission and vision of the business. The quality of the design, when it is completely owned, will support these factors, and the logo will be strong in the factors it supports. As a result, the related relationship established in this context will reveal the true brand value of the business and will create a strong rememberability in perception. Go to the stage if you want to see our work in which we experience logo design and these factors.

The image of our logo work for REM Zeytin.

A strong brand makes you feel special and valuable.

Think about how you feel when you buy a brand. If you’re feeling special and good, you value the brand you buy too much. This also shows your commitment. The purchase of brands creates a serious perception in terms of living standards in front of the society, leaving a good impression in the environment, and most importantly in situations such as jealousy, admiration or sympathy. The usefulness of the human – brand relationship in perception has been realized after many trials. After many years, many of the companies have given great importance to brand image, business appearance and brand promises. This has also affected the living standards of people.

Featured Brands: The image of the service or product, based on the trust of the features that add difference. Usually, the consumer or business owner of quality, different from others, or better quality perceptions of the evaluation occurs. For example; It can also be said that those who want to appear in user search results in Google’s advertising service Ads appear in competitive search results, and appear in search results when this customer searches on their own domain.

Experience Brands: Express an image of emotions. Brands that successfully complete the experience advocate personal development and individual ownership. Apple’s brand experience can be shown to give users a unique experience and inspiring results. Success in industrial design also contributes to this. Alternatively, features that Huwaei does not meet the user’s demands but will meet will be added to the experience process. In this way, brands that achieve successful results on experience always achieve rapid growth.

Passion Brands: These are the brands that establish a relationship between the brand and itself and reflect the image of the person who buys the brand. In short, it is a valid factor for the brands that consumers desire and want to have. For example; Audi’s appeal to business people or athletes prefer Nike.

The main reason for the image is the visual presentation. Visual presentation is an effective basis for remembering the original and unique symbol in people’s minds.

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