What is Corporate Identity?


What is the corporate identity that all businesses need? How does it really benefit businesses? We will answer your questions. Corporate identity is the backbone of a business. It is the main texture. It is a process that results from logo design to business card design and the design of many materials. You cannot be a brand with just a logo design, and if you do not create the backbone of your business and reflect your image well, you cannot be a corporate. It is such a straightforward process.

What are the Advantages of Corporate Identity?

First, you have the primary advantage in terms of the image of your business. The more impressive you show yourself to people, the more effective it will be in the reputation you gain as a business. By reflecting your reputation, you also show your line. When you market your products or services to people, your corporate identity will be at the forefront and you will see the effects in your sales process. As it will reflect your persuasive sides, perception also shows that you are reliable. This affects many aspects from the communication process to the purchasing process.

Makes Your Business Look Different.

Imagine you have a line that makes your business look different. Don’t you like this? A look that reflects your mission and values moves you forward. Just as a well-designed logo describes you, many of your materials, such as your business card, letterhead or bag, that you worked on during the corporate identity design process, also reflect how much you value yourself and how responsible you are towards your customers.

The Corporate Identity Guide is your Business Book.

la1ent corporate identity

Your business should have a book. This book should express the values, color and line of your business, as well as the designs and usage rules of all your corporate materials. It is the main ingredient of being a brand. Because you need it to ensure your business integrity. Instead of preparing brochures and advertising campaigns with different fonts, starting with a defined font that reflects the line and values of your business shows your determination and that you do not act out of line. This will give a professional impression and reflect that you maintain your stable structure.

Your Logo Design Must Integrate with Your Corporate Identity Materials.

rem olive logo

The line of your Logo Design and the line of your Corporate Identity materials should not be different. This would be a mistake. As you show that you cannot reflect your values as a business, it gives the image that you do not know yourself in the eyes of the customer and that you still do not know what you want to do. Do not do this. For this reason, your corporate identity materials and your logo design should provide integrity and should be on the same line. The same colors we are talking about reflect you on different materials.

What are Corporate Identity Design Prices?

Many companies offer variable prices for this process. Of course, the price given by freelance designers and an agency is not the same. But the freelance designer and the agency’s work are not the same. While the agency can look at the event more professionally, it will respond more meticulously and with more experience, and freelance can only evaluate and respond to requests according to its own mind. Since it is a work that will be done in a single item, it would be appropriate to prefer agency experience so that your business can proceed in a healthy way and not to encounter a risky issue in its determined stance. If you want, you can click here to access the content in which we evaluated the corporate identity design prices in detail.

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