What is Brand Design? What are the Brand Works Effects?

brand design

In fact, most people consider this as a design process. But it is not. Brand image is not just about making the design look good. When people buy brands, they look at what the brand image and personality mean to them rather than their functional benefits. Brand design is a powerful tool that shows the different aspects of an individual or business that will be perceived in the human mind. Everyone and every business in life has an image. Let’s continue our article where we share details on brand work.

When you look at the businesses with today’s brand value, they have a unique concept and line. This concept and its line; it shows with the language of communication, the colors it uses and the brand perception it creates. In fact, brand image is a value for how consumers should perceive it, and how this value is reflected in people’s perception is also an important factor. Businesses; they would usually show the brand image with the campaign they created and the commercials of the campaign. And thus, they would create an image of themselves, focusing on making the image they created acceptable in people’s perception.

Brand Works Awareness

Nowadays, one of the most important elements of the brand image is the story of the business. Of course, this story should reflect the mission and vision of the business. Thus, it will have a strong key in brand value. If a business has a story that will show its brand value and describes the business in its entirety, it attracts the attention of the people it targets and thus an emotional bond is formed between the business and the people. While creating this emotional bond, of course, the main factor is that the brand image is designed to support the story. Now, the main reason for creating differences where businesses can direct and manage perception rather than functional differences is that there are many businesses in their segment doing the same job as them and marketing the same product/service.

Brand Design Features

The importance of creating products and services in a way that people do not need, showing them as needed and directing them to sales, the image that creates the link between the consumer for the product or service and the perception it offers have reached serious dimensions. This fact shows that the company should have a brand personality. This personality focuses on reflecting both the brand story of the business and the promises it receives on its personality. The situations mentioned are some of the main reasons for brand image. As a result of all these actions, human emotions, behaviors and the image in perception are reflected on the brand. Brand design plays a serious role in this process. Another name for this is defined as brand work.

alkarkand brand design

What is Brand Story?

It is the adventure of a business that supports the mission and vision of a business and is in harmony with what the business wants to offer to people, revived in the perception of the consumer. When this adventure is conveyed to people in story format, the image of the brand can have a permanent place in people’s perception. And so every time the brand appears, its story can come to life in people’s minds. This is a powerful factor for brand recall and value.

What is Brand Awareness?

It is the consumer’s adoption and awareness of a brand or a product that he has determined during the purchase process. In fact, the brand protects its existence in human perception with its logo and symbol. In short, it provides the effect it leaves on people through these definitions. The strategy that will strengthen the awareness of the brand exists with the actions that enable the consumer to try the brand. Thanks to the awareness of the brand, its recognition gains strength. A brand clue is distinguishable from other brands and causes people to distinguish it. Without the need for any help, the brand is distinguished thanks to the hint given and it comes to life directly in people’s minds. Thus, when the brand performance experience and the mass of those who are satisfied with this experience are formed, the probability of purchasing the same brand will increase.

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Brand Image Values

  1. Brand Features: Brands come to mind with certain characteristics. Apple is known for its simplicity, ease of use, and uniquely cutting-edge design. One of the main reasons people feel better when using iPhone is because Apple offers a unique experience.
  2. Brand Benefits: Characteristics of a brand and its defining factors can provide functional and emotional benefits. The longevity of Apple products and the minimal rate of any functional failures are prime examples. Those who use Apple products emphasize their comfortable use.
  3. Brand Values: Brands also express the values of businesses and the experiences of the services they offer to people as a value. Apple’s customer relationships are a business experience that has become a brand equity.
  4. Brand Culture: Each brand reflects its own culture. This culture, which it reflects, transfers it to people. When we look at Apple’s brand culture, Apple products create an emotional connection with the consumer, and this bond reflects the consumer’s experience. When the consumer witnesses good things about the product, it takes the consumer into the creative world of Apple with minimal and simple actions.
  5. Brand Personality: Most brands have a personality. Just like a person has personality. When we look at Apple’s brand personality, it has a cool, trend-setting and creative personality.

Brands reveal their value when adopted.

People are happy and safe where they feel they belong. This statement also applies to brands. Namely; people associate more than one cause of their own with the brand they adopt. Thus, the feelings and thoughts of the brand image are transferred to people through the created perception. The emotional bond built on the brand makes it easier for people to accept the service or product of the brand. It also plays a leading role in accepting the business and associating the designed brand character with itself.

As a result, this creates brand loyalty. As long as the brand image of the business does not break its line and does not go beyond the concept it has created, it exists on the people it convinces throughout their lives. Thanks to the brand image thus formed, the business carries a lifetime guarantee of sales and acceptance on its audience. Emotional awareness such as happiness, sadness, love, enthusiasm or eroticism are powerful factors used in perception management in brand image. Thanks to these factors, the character of a brand is also revealed. In short, the benefit of this association means that people will experience such feelings when purchasing the product or service, in short, the brand.

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What does the color and atmosphere of the brand tell?

When we look at the benefits of brand work, each brand has its own colors. These colors belong to the purposes of the business, the service or product it offers. Thus, the business is remembered by its colors. In fact, it is a powerful tool for the business to be remembered and to show its line. Brand atmosphere refers to the environment in which the business wants to involve people. It takes the element of what kind of environment they want to meet and what kind of experience they want to give people. Adopting a spacious and minimal atmosphere and adopting it from products to office design is related to the atmosphere of this brand. The atmosphere of the brand is also formed by its colors and character. In fact, they are all related to each other. You can grasp the results more clearly by looking at the IMIS Passion event study we organized at Sabancı University. This work reflects a full-fledged definition of brand work.

Logo design is the heart of the brand image.

In this period when everyone is starting to design logos, logos that are considered beautiful in design will never make the future of a business good. A logo design should be handled in a way that creates the brand story, character, promises, color and atmosphere of the business and should emerge in line with these processes. Thus, the resulting logo should belong to the mission and vision of the enterprise. The quality of the design that emerges when it belongs completely will support these factors and will show the logo stonger in the factors it supports. As a result, the connected relationship established in this context will reveal the true brand value of the business and create a strong recall in perception. If you want to see our logo design and our work where we experience these factors, go to the stage.

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A strong brand makes a person feel special and valuable.

Think about it, how do you feel when you buy a brand? If you feel special and good, you value the brand you buy. It also shows your commitment. The purchase of brands creates a serious perception in showing the living standards in front of the society, leaving a good impression in the environment, and most importantly, in situations such as jealousy, admiration or sympathy. The benefit of the human-brand relationship in perception was noticed much later, after many trials. After the past years, most of the businesses; has given great importance to the brand image, the appearance of the business and the brand promises.

Benefits of Having Branding Work

Branding has become a necessity. This has also affected people’s living standards. Now, if you ask any person out there, they can definitely tell you many brands that they feel close or special with. These results show that brand image is an indispensable element for businesses now. Brand design is an existence. Brand image is the backbone of a business. In the results based on these factors, businesses can easily make their sales and create a loyal customer base that connects with them. Creating a loyal customer base is one of the main factors in the branding process.

Featured Brands: It is the ownership of the image based on the trust of the distinctive features of the service or product. It usually occurs when the consumer or business owner evaluates the quality with the perception of different features or better quality than the others. E.g; It can also be said that those who want to appear in the results for user search in Google’s advertising service Ads appear in the competitive search results, and the audience that this customer wants to reach appears in the search results when they search for their own field.

Experience Brands: Express an image of emotions. Brands that successfully conclude the experience advocate personal development and individuality. In Apple’s brand experience, users can experience a unique experience and get inspiring results. Its success in industrial design also makes a serious contribution to this. In this process, the brand design was designed by considering these issues. Alternatively, the features of Huwaei that are not requested by the user but will meet the demands that will arise can be added to the experience process. Thus, brands that give successful results on experience always achieve rapid growth.

Passion Brands: Brands that establish a relationship with the brand and reflect the image of the person who buys the brand. In short, it is a valid factor for brands that consumers desire and want to have. E.g; Just as Audi appeals to business people or athletes prefer Nike. Click here to see our brand design works.

The main basis of the image is the visual presentation. Visual presentation is an effective basis for remembering the original and unique symbol in people’s minds.

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