What is Logo Design? What are its contributions?

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You can find many articles on this topic. But what is the Logo design we want to tell here? It really is to tell the advantages it offers in terms of its contributions to the business and the uniqueness of the business.

First of all, it is useful to remember that; logo design is a body to make a business or an individual unique and reflect their values. When the soul of the business is a brand, there is a need for a body to reflect this brand that is, the soul. At this point, it assumes the task of a body. Just as every human body is unique from each other, logo design should be unique in terms of the identity of a business or individual.

To put it in a technical term; Symbols and letters are completely made as a result of unique drawings called visuals. Today, as businesses proliferate rapidly, it is a very important reason to distinguish businesses from each other. Since only the business name or the personal name of the individual does not provide sufficient reputation, it has emerged as a basic piece that will reflect the values of the business or individual at this point.

What should be considered in Logo Design?

When designing a logo for your business or individual image, it is useful to pay attention to its color, symbol and visual perception that reflects your value. Your logo should be designed to reflect the vision, values and uniqueness of your business. Think of it this way; If you are opening a technology store, using purple and pink colors will not be healthy. Colors have language. Colors speak. Colors have psychology, because colors have positioned themselves on certain grounds in human perception. This is because of the perception that the existing brands reflect on the basis of branding. For this reason, when you are going to offer a product or service, choosing a color that can meet your business values will produce a very productive result for your logo design.

What are the concepts in Logo Design work?

Logotype; In general, it is called the emergence of works in typographic or calligraphic formats over the name of the enterprise. It is the emergence of logo design by working on certain fonts or making a new font study. Such logo designs are called logotypes.

Symbol; It should be in a layout that reflects the values of the business or individual. E.g; If your business is exporting and your values are to provide a quality customer experience globally, you should have a unique logo design as a result of the blending of these two factors. As a result of these processes, a symbol that belongs to you will emerge.

If we want to explain with examples, we have obtained a unique experience in LA1ENT, which is suitable for the unique name of LA1ENT, starting from the infinity sign. We can say that LA1ENT, the infinity sign surrounding LA1ENT, provides a comprehensive customer experience in terms of global export and constantly wants to move it forward.

LA1ENT Foreign Trade - Logo Design Work

Another example is the presence of a lion figure in the logo of the Consul of the Republic of Liberia, Selahattin Yilmaz, and the creative design of the letters SY, giving the impression of being born in his mane. This study shows that Selahattin Yilmaz, with his strong steps, wants to reflect his determined perspective and professional world to the people who follow him.

Selahattin Yilmaz - Logo Design

How does it show the quality of the business?

One of the most important details you should keep in mind when displaying your brand is quality and uniqueness.

In the design process, the story of the business is usually written first and a logo is designed according to this story. It should be able to be printed on the surfaces planned to be printed without any problems and should not lose its visibility. It should be able to afford low printing costs.

What is the Logo Design Fee?

Prices in this area are quite unbalanced, as there are a lot of logo designers today. On the basis of the logo design fee, some people make logos for price ranges around $500-$300, some prices even as low as $100. As a professional we just cannot accept that theses services will match your needs. When you look at all the details and tedious work we put in to making your brand and logo we would like to say that the work we do is worth much more than this. The price of a real logo design work starts from $2500. The price of a professional person who understands the details of the business at the back of the business will not be cheap. It costs between $5000 – $7500 on average, and in general, most professional agencies provide this service by including them in the corporate identity design instead of just designing the logo. This is exactly how we do it. When you donate a body to a business, if you don’t give it the proper attire to make that image speak the way you want it to, the business will not be able to gain the notoriety and uniqueness that it deserves. When you donate a body to a business, if you don’t give it the proper attire to make that image speak the way you want it to, the business will not be able to gain the notoriety and uniqueness that it deserves. On the contrary this will result in difficulty with the message you want to portray and services that you are giving. Who are you more willing to believe when given the choices a suit and tie or someone in street attire? For this reason the corporate identity prices differs compared to the logo design fee. 

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What is the relationship between Logo Design and Corporate Identity Design?

Let’s not forget that logo design is the main reason for corporate identity design. As we said at the beginning, it is the body of a business or an individual. Corporate identity design is the clothes of this body. Good clothes always show prestige and strengthen your reputation. Corporate identity design performs exactly this function. Logo design is the body that reflects the spirit of the business, and corporate identity design is the main reason that strengthens the reputation and displays its image.

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