Perception, influences decisions

The greatest effect is achieved with an illusionist image. A strong expression affects the decision center of perception. Open your eyes and learn how we affect your perception.

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The eye is the most powerful sense organ that activates the mind.

Examine how we use the subliminal activity technique in our work for Ravza Design.
Subliminal Activity Techniques
Subliminal Activity Techniques

An approach that reflects your vision deep down.

We visually reflect your vision with the power of deep thinking and design understanding.
Subliminal Activity Techniques
With an iconic logo design concept unique to Selahattin Yılmaz, we placed the initials of his name and surname on the lion's mane with creative touches. We created a strong brand image with an innate sense of trace.
Subliminal Activity Techniques
While making use of the upper part of the olive at Rem Zeytin, we continued with the thought of putting the olive oil on the plate. Then we strongly emphasized the distinguishable concentrate of olive oil. Again, we placed the olive on top of the olive oil and recreated Rem Olive with an aesthetic understanding.

The most important sense organ for creating a strong perception is the eye.

All these you see are just a few. We have deeper subliminal branding techniques.