The best of olives,

Rem Zeytin® comes out of the gardens of Gemlik, the heart of olives, and reaches the tables with its various products after being carefully packaged. Those who discover the taste of Rem Zeytin® witness a real taste experience. Rem Zeytin®, which gives primary importance to cholesterol patients with its salt-free olives, brings all its consumers together with healthy products. Thus, Rem Zeytin®; The good olives are the taste itself.

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Gemlik symbol, the quality of the olive.

It was designed with the Gemlik icon.

Brand Promise

Gemlik carefully picking up the garden, all of Turkey is to meet with the table in Europe and the Balkan countries. To transform the meticulously processed olives into various product experiences and to offer flavors suitable for every palate.

Brand Location

Turkey is to meet with European and Balkan countries and olives on the shelves of convenience stores in the table in Gemlik olives name Rem icon.

Find out his story.

We were inspired by the green leaves and the color of olive oil in Gemlik olive groves. We decorated it with red to show the delicious taste of Gemlik olives. Red is the most powerful color that increases the feeling of hunger. Olive is the most powerful meal that calms the feeling of hunger. We designed the logo of Rem Zeytin®, inspired by olive leaves and olive oil, so that the taste will remain on the palate.

Watch the image movie.

It tells the story of Rem Zeytin® and its progress from past to present. It is an image film that reflects what they have done on this journey and what their principles are as Rem Zeytin®.

Business Card


Writing Pad


CD & amp; Cover

Cardboard bag

Cube note



those designed.

  • Brand Slogan
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Location
  • Brand Character
  • Logo
  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • Diplomats envelope
  • Company File
  • Email Signature
  • Table & Company Flag
  • Watermark
  • Cardboard bag
  • Notepads & Cubenotes
  • CD & Cover
  • USB Flash Memory
  • Keychain & Fragrance
  • Badge & Rigging
  • Cufflinks
  • Fountain & Pencil
  • Agenda
  • Cup & Mug Cup
  • Napkin & Wet Wipes
  • Shirt & T-shirt
  • Badge
  • 4 Vehicle Designs
  • The wall clock
  • Lockable File Holder
  • In-house Plates
  • A4 Box
  • Invoice & Waybill

Prepared concept

logo designs.

Logo concepts were presented to the customer’s taste, and the client selected and approved the logo concept suitable for the company.
Other logos are not valid.

Global impact.

With 2 language options, Rem Zeytin® brings the delicious olives of the gem to its consumers.

Unique experience.

It offers the best experience on every device. Rem Zeytin® has a unique experience in all mobile device models. In this way, he gives his customers what they want.

Clear view.

We’ve provided the easiest to use and simplicity while gaining the clearest look. As a result, the visitors encounter a minimalist and creative appearance when they enter.

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Details on Social Media Management are included. Images from Rem Zeytin®‘s Instagram management.

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About the Work.

Rem Zeytin® is a brand that has been the choice of consumers since 1994 and maintains its leadership in the food sector and has a wide range of products with products that meet consumer needs.

Work Details.

Work Name: Rem Zeytin
Owner: Taylan ATALAY
Selected Service Model: VisionEX
Working Time: 56 days
Web page: Rem Zeytin

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