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to get inspiration.

It is designed for those who want to discover their way and find the right path in their decisions. Those who want to be inspired came together at the Sabancı Show Center.

Watch the stage film broadcast at Sabancı Show Center.

The original language of SUIES.

Call to Action

‘Ads Film

We designed an image film that briefly introduces the IMIS My Way event. In this image film, we talked about the event concept, main guests and event advantages.



The teaser poster we designed for the IMIS My Way event. We designed it with a visual that is completely suitable for its slogan and story.



Poster work showing the speakers of the IMIS My Way event. All speakers were reflected in accordance with the story.



It was designed with a concept in line with the certificate story prepared for the participants for the IMIS My Way event. The certificate, which has a minimalist line, was printed by applying embossed lacquer.



Speakers Promotion

‘Social Card

Special social cards were designed for the guests for the IMIS Passion event. Each of them was supported by advertising campaigns on social networks.


completed works.

  • 6 Posters
  • 1 Brenda
  • 1 Bag
  • 12 Social Network Banner
  • 2 Social Network Cover
  • 1 Door hanger
  • Social Network Advertising
  • 12 Speaker Banner
  • 1 Ticket
  • 4 Roll up
  • 2 Certificates
  • 4 Advertising Film
  • 2 Web Banners
  • 1 Name Badge
  • 1 Scene Design
  • Content Marketing
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‘Learn real experience.

Browse and experience real footage of the IMIS Passion event.

They talked about the satisfaction of working with us.

We received help from Erdoğan and his team on many other issues, especially the website and poster works of our club IES (Industrial Engineering Society - Sabancı University). He is someone who takes his job very seriously and does not compromise on self-sacrifice to give his best. They gave us a completely professional experience. We were very pleased with his detailed and meticulous behavior in his work. I don't think we can work with a better team. I am sure Erdogan and his team will continue to add success to their success in the future.
Selen DeğirmenciAssistant Brand Manager at Unilever
I can say that Erdogan is one of the most professional people I have worked with, both with his finishing and his friendliness. During IMIS 2016, he not only supported us with media sponsorship, but also adopted the event as if it were his own, worked with me until late at night and prepared videos for us to increase the image of the event. In addition, Erdogan's perception psychology techniques and detailing helped us a lot in marketing our event. On behalf of my club, I would like to thank him again for this partnership. I was very pleased to work with a professional team like BrandEnn.
Yaşar HarzadınProcurement Governance Intern - Kibar Holding

Brand Image Design Award

We received the Brand Image Design award as a result of the performance of our work by Sabancı University. We demonstrated the IMIS My Way event in the best way with all our efforts.


About the Work.

IMIS My Way is a powerful career event organized by Sabancı University IES at the Sabancı Show Center. All digital works and creative consultancy of the event were made by us, and original works were designed and published for the concept of the event.

Work Details.

Project Name: IMIS My Way
Owner: Sabancı University
Selected Service Model: VisionACT
Working Time: 95 days