Act Local.

Selahattin Yılmaz reveals his leadership with his unique pen, strong solution proposals in the sector and conveying his experiences to entrepreneurial individuals. With its sincere approach and original thoughts, it has an impact on business life and social responsibility activities and reflects its effects in all actions it takes in the global world.

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The action is local. His thinking is global.

Designed with the symbol of leadership.

Brand Promise

The reflection of Selahattin Yılmaz‘s unique thoughts on the local movement and the global, promises that the decisions he takes in commercial and social responsibility studies will benefit the society and turn this benefit into an impact.

Brand Location

With the local thought movement, commercial and social benefit studies that have made an impact in many countries in the global world are included and these studies are transformed into value in many countries.

Find out his story.

By designing the lion figure, which is the symbol of leadership, from beginning to end, we focused on reflecting all the characteristics of Selahattin Yılmaz. We drew the mane of the lion in the best way possible and made it a memorable symbol by making use of our subconscious activity techniques. We have transformed the letters S and Y on the lion’s mane into a birthmark of the lion. We gathered Selahattin Yılmaz‘s leadership, clear approach, knowledge and experience in one spot.

Watch the image movie.

It is an image film that reflects the general thoughts of Selahattin Yılmaz about act locally and think globally. In this image film, it is explained what kind of works he includes in the local movement and in the global.

Business Card


Writing Pad


CD & Cover

Cardboard bag


those designed.

  • Brand Slogan
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Location
  • Brand Character
  • Logo
  • Business Card
  • Letterhead
  • Diplomats Envelope
  • Company File
  • Email Signature
  • Table & Company Flag
  • Watermark
  • Cardboard Bag
  • Notepads & Cubenotes
  • CD & Cover
  • USB Flash Memory
  • Keychain & Fragrance
  • Badge & Rigging
  • Cufflinks
  • Fountain & Pencil
  • Agenda
  • Cup & Mug Cup
  • Napkin & Wet Wipes
  • Shirt & T-shirt
  • Badge
  • 4 Vehicle Designs
  • Wall clock
  • Lockable File Holder
  • In-house Plates
  • A4 Box
  • Invoice & Waybill

Prepared concept

logo designs.

The logo concepts were presented to the customer’s taste and the customer selected and approved the logo concept suitable for his company. Other logos are not valid.

Global impact.

With 2 language options, Selahattin Yılmaz conveys all his ideas digitally and brings them together with his followers.

Unique experience.

It offers the best experience on every device. Selahattin Yılmaz official web page has a unique experience on all mobile devices. In this way, followers can navigate easily.

Understandable view.

We made it easy to use and simple, while gaining the most understandable view. As a result, when visitors enter, they encounter a minimalist and creative look.

Marketing World


Details about Social Media Management are given. Photos from Selahattin Yılmaz‘s Instagram management.

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About the Work.

Selahattin Yılmaz was appointed as the Honorary Consul of Liberia in 2018 with the authority of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. This consulate general is the only diplomatic mission of Liberia in Turkey.

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Work Details.

Work Name: Selahattin Yılmaz
Owner: Selahattin Yılmaz
Service Model Selected: VisionEX
Working Time: 18 days
Web Site: Selahattin Yilmaz

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