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What is Web Design? Web Design Prices

Web design is the space for a business or organization to express itself. Web design prices vary according to the size of the project. The most powerful element of being able to show your presence in the digital world is web design. A business or organization needs web design in order to express itself and show its work in the digital world. Why do businesses need web design services and what needs do they meet? we will answer these questions. First, let’s explain all the headings.

What is Web Design?

Web design is the reflection of a business or organization in the digital world. Your business presence, brand image, personality and communication style should be shown in a unique way with aesthetic design touches. In other words, your web design should add authenticity to your brand image by emphasizing your business and fields of activity in an aesthetic way. Web design is technically a process that produces results by combining software and design work. Two technical terms such as Frontend and Backend are important in this process.

While design work is done in the frontend, these designs are coded and implemented in the backend. Thus, a web page is created as a result of web design work. Factors such as UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) should be taken into account for a web page in line with today’s trends. User experience is the part where the actions your visitors will take on your website are planned in terms of design and clickable elements are created according to this experience. The user interface is the part of the design where the layout, movement areas are determined and clickable elements are placed.

How Should a Quality Web Design Be?

It is crucial that a web design accurately represents your business or organization. That’s why your website should literally tell your business and your story. People often gravitate towards the story or your workspaces. A story-based and aesthetically designed web page that explains your services and yourself will not only bring prestige but also attract potential customers. Your web presence should not only be visually stunning, it should be able to accurately represent your business and maximize the user experience. Although many freelancers and agencies design websites nowadays, it doesn’t mean that they do it professionally. For this reason, there are big differences between web design prices.

Westhan Capital Web Design
Westhan Capital Web Design

How Should Your Web Design Reflect Your Business?

It is important to design your web page based on your brand image. Your logo and color scheme should be taken into account. Colors used in your logo and brand identity should be applied directly, without modification if possible.

Do not choose a font at random. Your brand’s distinctive font not only shows that you are aligned with your brand identity, but also your corporate consistency. This gives people who visit your website an idea of how professional a business you are.

Your website should be designed to ensure the integrity of the user interface and user experience and reflect the story of your business. Clickable elements should not be too close and should be strategically placed to attract potential customers.

Avoid using too much text and avoid choosing low-quality images. If possible, choose high-quality images of your business and design your website with images that reflect your brand. People generally do not prefer to read dense text. Short texts with taglines, high quality images and features that make the user experience unique attract more attention.

Do not overuse menu links. Pages with too many menu links cause confusion for visitors trying to understand your business and can cause them to get lost in the page. This can lead to visitors leaving your website quickly. It is always more effective to describe your business and activities on your website with a simple layout.

Avoid using exaggerated expressions. Customers who enter your website behave as if they have entered a physical store. As with your store, you can build your reputation with your potential customers by displaying friendly language and humility. This approach also supports your branding process.

Be careful to clearly state the work you are doing and the activities you are undertaking. Show off your page with rich content – a promotional video or customer reviews to bring your site to life. Pages with interactive features give the impression that your business is active.

Your website should work seamlessly with absolutely all internet browsers. It should be suitable for mobile use and offer a fast mobile experience. There should be no significant differences between mobile and desktop browsers.

Creating a Website Through an Agency or Expert

When collaborating with an agency or a professional, there are set steps in the web design process. If these steps are carried out accurately and properly, your company’s online presence will be reflected in a quality way and your website will look quality. The processes followed by this working process are as follows;

  • By determining the category and goals of the web page, the information requested by you is prepared as a brief and presented to the professional agency without any errors.
  • After evaluating the brief, an appropriate template is created, taking into account the situation and audience of your business. After the server and domain purchases, the domain is connected to the server and the necessary arrangements are made to make the page ready for publication.
  • Graphics or visuals are identified and placed in appropriate positions on the template. The structure of the pages is determined and artistic and aesthetic areas are identified.
  • Design work is carried out and processed into the infrastructure with coding. The user interface is designed according to the specified plan and applied to the infrastructure.
  • In order to improve the user experience, certain positioning studies are carried out after the user interface is completed. The user interface and user experience are analyzed at the same time and corrections are made in line with the brand image.
  • If storytelling is required, this process is applied to the project.
  • SSL certificate is installed by providing security improvements. Speed and optimization studies are carried out and subjected to speed tests.
  • By providing CDN connectivity, the fast response of the web page on a global level is guaranteed. (CDN is a content delivery network. For example, a visitor entering the site from the USA can connect in 1 second).
  • Internal optimization is applied for Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This makes your content more visible on Google faster and has the potential to drive more traffic.
AHORA Store Web Design
AHORA Store Web Design

What are the Differences Between a Corporate Website and an E-Commerce Website?

These two headings contain different definitions depending on the type of work. If you plan to sell through your website, you need an e-commerce website. Online infrastructures require features such as customer registration, online payment and order tracking. An e-commerce website is a complex project and involves basic processes such as uploading, listing and offering products for sale. It also requires the installation of virtual POS systems for the realization of sales and the notification of order statuses to the customer by e-mail or SMS. Seemingly simple, it is in fact complex, involving many parameters. These parameters usually run in the background. In short, an e-commerce site is inevitable for businesses that want to sell. Different categories also affect web design prices.

The corporate website is the voice and expression space of the business. Businesses often use their corporate website to strengthen their brand image and communicate their business model to their potential target audience. Ideal for brand awareness, reputation and to indicate the presence of the business. If your goal is not to sell through your website, it is quite appropriate to create a corporate website.

What are Web Design Prices? How to Get a Web Design Quote?

In the digital space, almost everyone can now do web design. This is the main reason why web design prices vary greatly. There are serious differences between the web design prices set by a professional and experienced agency and the web design prices demanded by a freelancer with 1-3 years of experience. However, the price of a quality web design service will not be low. Because there are various purchases and costs for the right work to emerge. Usually these costs are calculated in dollars and include items such as license sales. These costs include server, domain and e-mail services. You can examine the two sub-headings below to examine the estimated web design prices.

1 - 3 years Experienced Freelancer4 - 6 years Experienced Freelancer7 years+ Experienced Freelancer1 - 3 years Experienced Web Design Agency4 - 6 years Experienced Web Design Agency7 years+ Experienced Web Design Agency
500 USD1250 USD3500 USD2250 USD4000 USD8000 USD
750 USD2500 USD5000 USD3000 USD6000 USD25.000 USD

Freelancer Web Design Prices

  • A Freelancer with 1-3 years of experience; can offer a web design prices quote between 500 USD and 750 USD.
  • A Freelancer with 4-6 years of experience; can offer a web design prices quote between 1250 USD and 2500 USD.
  • A freelancer with 7 years of experience and above can offer a web design prices quote of 3500 USD and above.

Web Design Prices of Professional Agencies

  • An experienced web design agency with 1-3 years of experience; It can offer a price offer between 2250 USD and 3000 USD.
  • A web design agency with 4-6 years of experience; It can offer a price offer between 4000 USD and 6000 USD.
  • A web design agency with 7 years or more of award-winning and strong references; can offer a price offer of 8000 USD and above.

Web design prices may vary depending on current market conditions, the skills of the agency or freelancer and previous projects. Experienced and award-winning professionals often offer higher quotes than others. This is because they have proven their work successfully and gained trust in the industry. They can prove this trust with the projects they have realized, references and awards they have won. Instead of opting for low-cost services, it is much more important to work with professionals you trust to ensure business continuity and a quality service experience.

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BrandEnn does its best to ensure that the work it does is successful from start to finish, down to the last detail. With their professional work, you can see the different sides of BrandEnn. BrandEnn successfully established all the websites of the Green Crescent in 2012 and delivered them to the Green Crescent as soon as possible. I appreciate their work and work performance.

Abdurrahman Cinar
Abdurrahman Cinar
Turkish Green Crescent Society - Private Secretary of the Board of Directors

BrandEnn is the biggest image creator of IMIS’16, the biggest career event of the university, organized under the leadership of Sabancı University Industrial Engineering Club. BrandEnn, which has a professional team, has aimed to make everything perfect without skipping the smallest details. BrandEnn has taken our club to a very different dimension and broadened our horizons. Our event has been successful and moved forward with the support of BrandEnn.

Selin Dayanir
Selin Dayanir
Senior Finance Manager at Procter & Gamble

We received help in many other matters, especially the IES (Industrial Engineering Society – Sabancı University) website and poster works. BrandEnn is a name that takes its job very seriously and does not compromise on self-sacrifice to bring out the best. They gave us a completely professional experience. We were very pleased with their detailed and meticulous behavior in their work. I don’t think we can work with a better team.

Selen Degirmenci
Selen Degirmenci
Head of Social Commerce & Ice Cream Next at Unilever

Working with BrandEnn is to truly experience the concepts of professionalism and sincerity, which are difficult to bring together in the business world. In addition, BrandEnn always presents projects that expand our horizons with their creative ideas. I would like to thank them again for the great ideas, designs and pleasant working process that emerged in our cooperation.

Mehmet Akercan
Mehmet Akercan
Senior Category Specialist - FMCG at Trendyol Group

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