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Corporate Identity design is the outward face of a company. So, what are the corporate identity design prices? The more beautiful and expressive your face is, the more people want to communicate with you there. Of course, in order to capture this impressiveness, your face must have a story and a myth. After expressing the essence of the matter briefly, let’s come to the most important question. How much is it designed for and are the prices variable? We know that many agencies have opened in todays market. As a matter of fact, there are many people who want to reach this point in the sector, just as everyone tries to design logos. Of course, some are experienced. However, it is very sad that those who perceive the experience as only design are in this sector. At this point, absurd situations arise in prices and the customer is not confused.


How is Corporate Identity Design done? Do Corporate Identity Design Prices affect the process?

First of all, the price of the Corporate Identity design varies according to the company’s position, area and customer base. Because it is an important factor to experience the customer group and company profile it addresses and to specify the price according to the result. E.g; The corporate identity design of a restaurant and a construction company cannot be evaluated in the same way. Because the restaurant; While targeting those who want to experience the taste, the construction company targets people who want to have a long-lasting house where they will feel good. At this point, the profile drawn by the company, the works it has done and the experiences it has gained come into play. As such, the colors to be used in the corporate identity design, the story, the reflection of the logo and the line of all other materials should be quite compatible and connect with each other. In the sum of these results, the customer should also create an impressive impression and reflect the image that the company wants to give.

rem olive identity
ravza corporate identity

When you look at the studies mentioned above, you are viewing the studies made for businesses operating in two different fields. While Rem Zeytin is a food business, Ravza is a business operating on Furniture Design. The fields and target audiences of the two are quite different. For this reason, the Corporate Identity to be designed is evaluated by considering such factors. Logo studies also support this paragraph.

How are the prices of Corporate Identity Design determined?

When we consider all these processes, we can evaluate the prices as follows. If you are a small business; When you work with a senior art director or agency, the price ranges from $15,000 to $65,000 These minimum and maximum values vary according to the details of your business. If you hand over your business to Graphic Designers or those who do not have seniority; You can find prices between $2000 and $6500. Corporate identity design prices vary depending on many parameters.

While most of those who deal with graphic design apply exactly what you want in terms of design, their aim is to offer exactly what you want. But this notion is quite wrong. At this point, experienced and senior names play a serious role. A senior team takes the brief from you and makes the appropriate decisions in your brief after a serious measurement of your business. While most of those who deal with graphic design implement what you want in terms of design, their aim is to present exactly what you want. But this notion is quite wrong. At this point, experienced and senior names play a serious role. A senior team takes the brief from you and makes appropriate decisions in your brief after a serious measurement of your business.

This means that not everything you want will be implemented. Because the senior team draws a profile suitable for your business and works on a design that will show your business in accordance with its target. In this way, a successful job will also add strength to the seniority of the team and will contribute greatly to their next work. In short, the graphic designer focuses on the complete application of the brief, while the senior team focuses on understanding the brief well and reflecting the right design with an appropriate perception. If your business has enormous potential and you work with a well-known award-winning art director, the prices of corporate identity design prices vary between $500,000 and $4,000,000 These prices also vary depending on the size, target audience and reach of your business, as well as the profile of the well-known and award-winning art director.

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What are the contents of Corporate Identity Design?

The content of the Corporate Identity design differs according to the business. If your business is a clothing store, the materials in your guide are prepared according to this suitability. If you are a holding, your guide will have extremely detailed materials. In other words, do you think it is appropriate to see the candy bowl design in the corporate identity guide of the clothing store? But for a holding, this may seem appropriate. Business differences come into play at this point. Generally, in the content of a corporate identity design; There are many design content including business cards, letterheads, memo pads, cardboard bags, pens and other promotional items. In short, we recommend that you pay attention to all of these factors when designing your business’s logo, corporate identity and story. Because your logo and corporate identity are the honor of your business.

alkarkand restaurant

When you look at the images above, you see the designs included in the Corporate Identity design of two different businesses. While Alkarkand has the menu as a restaurant business, LA1ENT has a large vehicle design since it exports as a foreign trade company. These are simple and plain examples. If you want to examine in more detail, click here to take a look at our work.

Corporate Identity design has many benefits to the business. Click here to read our article on this subject in which we give details and you can get inspiration.

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