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Corporate Identity Design Price and Corporate Identity Prices

In this article, corporate identity design we will give you some ideas about the price. First of all, what are the prices for corporate identity design? Let’s examine the answers to this question together. You know that the more attractive and impressive your brand image is, the more likely people are to contact your business. But to achieve this appeal, your business must have a brand story and a reason to buy. After giving brief information, let us share with you the answer to our critical question. What is the price of corporate identity design? What are the reasons for setting prices? Does the price of corporate identity design differ? we will share the answers to these questions.

Nowadays, most people are trying to do logo design and want to take part in this sector. Some are experienced by design. However, unfortunately, it is also sad that only those with design experience are in the sector and wear out the sector. As such, different prices emerge regarding the prices of logo and corporate identity design and confuse the person who will purchase the service. Before moving on to the price of corporate identity design, let’s examine the subheadings and understand the process.

What are the factors affecting the creation of Corporate Identity Design?

The price of corporate identity design may vary depending on parameters such as the current status of a company, the sector in which it operates and the customer base it targets. An assessment is made based on the targeted or existing customer base and the profile of the business and the price is determined according to the result. For example; the corporate identity design work of a restaurant and a construction company cannot be evaluated to the same extent.

rem olive corporate identity design
Rem Olive Corporate Identity Design

Restaurants generally fall under the food and beverage category and target those who want to experience different flavors. The construction company targets those who want to buy a comfortable and long-lasting home. Of course, these details can be further expanded. Therefore, the profile of the business, its business and experience are important. The colors to be used in corporate identity design, the story that will tell the objectives of the business, logo design and all other materials should be linked to each other and reflect the line of the business. All these details should leave traces of trust, quality and experience on the customer base and lead the company to where it wants to reach.

Rem Olive Corporate Identity Design
Rem Olive Corporate Identity Design
Ravza Furniture Corporate Identity Design
Ravza Furniture Corporate Identity Design

When you examine the works mentioned above, you see the works of businesses serving in two different sectors. Rem OliveRavza Mobilya operates in the food sector, while Ravza Mobilya operates in the furniture sector. Both businesses have their own details and target audiences. These details gain importance in the process of creating a corporate identity.

How is the price of Corporate Identity Design calculated?

Considering the details mentioned, we can specify estimated prices for corporate identity design price. If you are a small business owner, the fees will not be too high if you want to work with an experienced agency or art director. In general, prices for small and newly established businesses start at 40,000 TL. Of course, prices will vary according to the details of your corporate identity work. If you prefer to give your logo and corporate identity work to graphic designers who do not have enough experience; You may encounter corporate identity design prices starting from 10,000 TL.

OGE Dizayn Corporate Identity Design
OGE Dizayn Corporate Identity Design

People who operate in the field of graphic design and are only design-oriented will present a work that will only win your appreciation. In general, such employees are not focused on your company’s brand value, but rather they are only interested in getting the job done in a way that “you” will like. This is an approach that can damage your business or cause problems in the future. But an experienced expert or agency will focus on reading your brief well. It proceeds by making a detailed analysis of your business sector, your competitors, your customer base and where you want to arrive. It makes all its decisions based on the results it obtains from these details.

westhan capital corporate identity design
Westhan Capital Corporate Identity Design

Most graphic designers focus directly on fulfilling your demands and showing only the results you desire. But in the background, it ignores many details and quickly delivers the result to you. Such a study will result in a very affordable budget. However, it will bring many problems in the future. Think of it this way; do you prefer a doctor of 1 year? or a doctor who has worked in the field for 10 years and gained experience? This is where experience comes in. Experienced professionals have a critical role here. It analyzes the brief it receives from you and the details of your company much better with the benefits of its long years of experience and concludes with a full performance work.

When a senior brand design agency or art director sees places in the brief they receive from you that are not suitable for your business, they will indicate them and tell you that they will not include them in the application. This is revealed by reading from experience. An experienced brand design agency or art director will create the right profile for your business and work towards your desired destination.

Luculus Ice Cream Cone
Luculus Ice Cream Cone Designs

To summarize; the graphic designer follows the instructions in the brief you have given. Experienced names interpret the brief and present a work performance according to the results they obtain. If your business is a big name or a well-established organization, it would be much better to work with a well-known and award-winning agency or art director. In this case, the price of corporate identity design will vary between 350,000 TL and 6,000,000 TL. Of course, it should be noted that you need to be a large holding or a business with high PR power. Because the corporate identity or rebranding activities of well-established companies with high PR power are handled with a very detailed analysis. Prices based on these criteria can be very high as they will not tolerate the slightest error.

In summary, what are the prices for Corporate Identity Design? Who determines the Corporate Identity prices?

Grafik TasarımcıDeneyimli Ajans / Sanat YönetmeniTanınmış Ödüllü Ajans / Sanat Yönetmeni
8000 TL40.000 TL350.000 TL
10.000 TL60.000 TL600.000 TL
15.000 TL140.000 TL1.250.000 TL
20.000 TL180.000 TL6.000.000 TL
  • Corporate identity design prices for experienced art directors or agencies: 40.000 TL – 180.000 TL
  • Inexperienced graphic designer corporate identity design prices: 10.000 TL – 20.000 TL
  • Corporate identity design prices from a well-known and award-winning agency or art director: 350.000 TL – 6.000.000 TL
Corporate Identity Design Price Request a Quote
Corporate Identity Design Price Request a Quote

What elements are in Corporate Identity Design? What is included in the Corporate Identity price?

Depending on the profile and sector of the business, the elements in the corporate identity design may be different. If your business is a clothing store, the materials in your identity guide will be organized according to your sector. But if you are the owner of a holding company, your corporate identity guide will include more details. For example, while a candy bag design is not included in the corporate identity guide of a clothing store, it can be included for the corporate identity design of a holding company. Here, the sector, profile and location of the business are important. In general, a corporate identity design includes products that will increase brand awareness such as business cards, letterheads, notepads, paper bags, ballpoint pens and many promotional design elements. In short, all details are important when creating the logo design, image and story of your business. Because your corporate identity reflects the reputation of your business.

Luculus Corporate Identity
Luculus Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity Design Contents

  1. Logo Design
  2. Correct and Incorrect Uses of Logo
  3. Brand Colors
  4. Brand Fonts
  5. Business card
  6. Letterhead
  7. DL Envelope
  8. Email Signature Template
  9. Cardboard Bag
  10. Notepad & Cube Note
  11. Vehicle Designs
  12. Presentation Template
  13. Promotional Items
  14. Other Company Tailored Design Materials

While the aforementioned corporate identity elements are included in separate folders, the printing details of all design works are also specified in your full corporate identity guide. Of course, not every agency or designer makes this comprehensive guide. Because it is a process that requires serious effort. They usually deliver working files of printing materials. Some of these items are. There may be many more details. Corporate identity price is determined according to these details.

Alkarkand Restaurant Corporate Identity Design
Alkarkand Restaurant Corporate Identity Design
Aeolus Hotel Corporate Identity Design
Aeolus Hotel Corporate Identity Design

In the images above, you can see the Corporate Identity designs of two different businesses. Alkarkand is a restaurant and is reflected in the menu design, while AEOLUS Hotel is a hotel and is visualized to reflect the character of the hotel. These are simple and understandable examples. If you want to get more details, just click here to review our work.

Corporate identity design price may vary depending on the dimensions and details of the project. If you want to get a price for your needs, you can contact us.

There are many advantages that Corporate Identity design can provide to your business. To learn more about corporate identity design and get inspiration, you can read our article by clicking here.

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